Talleres y sesiones especiales

July 13, 2020

Opening Welcoming words from Ana Quirós Lara on behalf of the Organizer and Marcela Trejos and Evelyn Gaiser representing the CO-ORGANIZERS of CICS Virtual 2020.
Workshop 1 Solutions based on nature. Instructor Heidemarie Bonilla de Cienfuegos. Duration 60 minutess
Workshop 2 Assessment and certification systems LEED EDGE WELL SITES. Instructors  Elias Robles and Marcelo Valenzuela. Duration 180 minutes
Workshop 3 Step by Step: application of the EDGE tool. Instructor Esteban Cervantes Jimenez. Duration 60 minutes

Ponencias técnicas y sesiones especiales

July 14, 2020

Technical Presentation 1 Innovative Solutions. Technical presentation  by  Rob Addink. Duration 20 minutes
Technical Presentation 2 Innovative financial models and instruments to accelerate investments in sustainable solutions. Presenters:  Carla della Maggiora and Daniel Magallón. Duration 40 minutes in two tracts of 20 minutes each.
Technical Presentation 3 Cities and mobility facing mega-trends and COVID19 - time to change. Presenter Roberto Artavia Loria. Duration 40 minutes


BEA Program - International and National Context. Exhibition of national and international experts. Moderated by the GBCCR - Ana Quirós and Brigitte Solís. Duration 230 minutes. There will be two intermissions

Special Session

July 15, 2020

Opening Local action - Global Impact facing pandemics. Motivational words from Mr. Carlos Manuel Rodríguez. Facilitator: Ana Quirós.
Webinar Global ABC - Launch Roadmap for Latin America. Moderated by  Martina Otto. Duration 120 minutes. Team work is expected.
Round Table Is a Sustainable Construction Guide necessary? Conversation between the experts Irene Campos, Esteban Acón, Javier Chávez and Jorge Cabrera. Facilitator: Ana Quirós. Duration 75 minutes

Special Session

July 16, 2020

Discussion Forum Rethinking the Costa Rican Transit System: The Path to Intelligent and Sustainable Mobility. Expert speakers: Carlos F. Pardo, Mario Duran and Roberto Artavia Loría also as Moderator. Introduction by Catalina Molina from 5C and Evelyn Gaiser KAS FOUNDATION. Duration 120 minutes.
Closure The Global Vision - Closing and next CICS 2021. Words by expert Lisa Bate. Conclusions by the GBCCR and invitation to the next CICS2021. Duration 50 minutes.